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winner of "The Shoe Surgeon Shoe School SL21" competition


These shoes were inspired by the LA to Chicago Jordan 1s but with a Nipsey Hussle tribute design with the blue colorway. The name of the shoe "Hussle and Motivate" is after one of his songs titled "Hussle and Motivate". Nipsey inspired and motivated so many people while hustling his entire life so I wanted to create something that showed that. 


With that being said, I have worked on my craft to create Jordan 1 builds from the sole up for others. This can include materials such as leathers, suedes, furs, exotic skins, fabrics, cloths, luxury prints, cow hides, and much more depending how creative you want to get. So, if  you would love to have a shoe BUILT FROM THE SOLE UP JUST FOR YOU, ONE OF ONE, click the link below and lets get the process started!  

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